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Conceived and composed by David Rhymer

Rhymer has blended his beautiful melodies with actual 19th century poems written by and about prostitutes  into an unflinching,  graphic, often quite funny and sometimes heartbreaking song cycle... one of the surprise pleasures of the Calgary theatre season !  Stephen Hunt Calagry Herald

Nightingale Alley showcases what has made One Yellow Rabbit an international sensation. It’s experimental theatre that really works and delivers. Calgary Sun

The cadences of voices, blending and harmonies were luscious as were the violin solos and accompanying piano score. More than a play on words, and far more than the usual sex worker tropes and stereotypes, Nightingale Alley is a tender reflection of sex work as more than merely a trade to survive.  Amora Sun Medium

14 Ring a Dang Do
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by David Rhymer & Kris Demeanor

... a smartly cynical, highly melodic, morality musical. If you are one of those people who consider David Lynch’s moody, violent Blue Velvet a masterpiece of American pop culture – I do! – then you will enjoy, possibly even adore, Crime Does Not Pay... ...gorgeous numbers  that sound  like the very best signature tunes that the very most expensive, megamillion dollar musicals hope and dream that they can come up with – and they outdo it    Globe and Mail

With all its jazz and blues influences and its cold expressionist style, Rhymer and Demeanor’s music made me think of that venerable 1920’s Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill collaboration The Three Penny Opera... a socialist critique of the restraints organizations and politicians impose on art, even if that art is violent, crass, exploitive and vulgar, and that would have delighted Brecht.  

Calgary Herald

18. Vesuvius
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A Salon conceived and composed by David Rhymer Lyrics Blake Brooker Edward Knoll

One of the best shows of NYMF, Mata Hari In 8 Bullets is an ambitious, captivating song cycle   Huffington Post

...masterful compositions are on ample display in this enthralling masterwork!    Nite Life Exchange New York

One of the most provocative shows at the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Avant garde, emotional, surprising and spellbinding Mata Hari’s haunting music plus one fabulous performance make this a hit.  Times Square Chronicles

Chaotic yet soft, sultry, and entertaining, ...a production that won’t easily be forgotten..... with the brilliant music score It felt like an intimate setting between musical comrades ... risqué and shocking,.  Usher Nonsense New York 

,,,each song is full of honest and complex reflections made by Mata Hari on her status as a woman and sex symbol, her role in society, and the long-term effects of war. They’re just really good. I definitely recommend catching Mata Hari in 8 Bullets... 

Letters from the Mezzanine  New York

10 Temple of Love (including Shame and dance)
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Why Freud Fainted 286.jpg


written and composed by David Rhymer 

Mesmerizing! What this play does well – extremely well – is give life to complex, intellectual arguments while refusing to diminish their complexity ... ideas that really sing. Rhymer’s script is a gigantic accomplishment.  Fast Forward Calgary

There is joy and exuberance around the whole thing. … the really thrust and fun  comes from Rhymer's music and lyrics which contrast and counterpoint and comment in an energetic fun and funny way with song and dance. … risqué a little bit tongue in cheek and engaging.  CBC

intriguing and satisfying throughout … (Rhymer’s songs) range from haunting ballads to cheeky vaudeville turns.    Calgary Sun

only love knows love
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Screenshot (496).png

by Blake Brooker and David Rhymer 

A sophisticated and entertaining musical. Ilsa is a hit and deserves to be. 

Globe and Mail

Rhymer's score evokes a bitter Berliner atmosphere that bristles with manic energy .    The Independent United Kingdom

... sophisticated cabaret music that grows out of the action.  The Australian


An intelligent and subversive cabaret with great music  Herald Edinburgh

Where Ilsa excels is in David Rhymer's score. The songs are a delight and laden with crafty hooks.   Monday Magazine Victoria


As an evocation of an old Berliner Cabaret, Ilsa excels  Edinburgh Evening News

A daring and delightful musical satire  Manchester Guardian

... highly original arrhythmic songs that play on the frontier between recognizable and the strange    Edmonton Journal

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Dream Machine

Written by Blake Brooker and David Rhymer

What (Dream Machine) has accomplished is nothing short of a post 9/11 reflection on life, love and the state of the union, virtually pulsing with passion and patriotism even while it wails its deep and heartfelt regret at the things that could have been -- should have been -- but were stillborn instead.  Toronto Sun


Rhymer's blue-tinged, jazz-like music is the absolute beating heart of this sometimes spoken and acted, sometimes sung and danced, highly engaging collage-like piece.  The Live Music Report Toronto

David Rhymer's music is fantastic. It is also virtually unclassifiable- a mesmerising lyricism underlies all of the music.  Georgia Straight

An "oratorio" -- that maps out the personal and political landscape of the Beat movement to the sounds of a syncopated, arty, jazzy rhythm. (He's probably heard this before, but that Rhymer sure got rhythm.) 

Globe And Mail


11 Surrounded by Chrome
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Screenshot (497).png

Wreck Beach

Written and Composed by David Rhymer 

Like the clothing-optional beach it’s named after, David Rhymer’s play about a brutal seaside murder and its effect on a community that espouses equality and oozes good vibes, Wreck Beach may make you squirm a little. And, like the beach, it’ll probably make you smile too.

On Stage Edmonton

Rhymer's unusual asymmetrical songs, highly flavored with Mediterranean rhythms and chants are lovely

Edmonton Journal

I was swept away by the music…  Georgia Straight

Rhymer’s songs are outstanding – they’re the stuff you want to buy on CD so you can take them home

See Magazine Edmonton

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Adapted by Gyl Raby    Composed by David Rhymer 

... a miracle of acting , dancing, singing, of music and light and sound that stunned me in my place. It is one of the finest productions of any of my works anywhere and at any time.

Ray Bradbury

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