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The Dragonfly Orchestra is a very popular Chinese musical ensemble made up of a half dozen female musicians. Known for their wildly kinetic and virtuosic performances they tour their country on a regular basis. In 2014 I was invited to China to help devise their newest and most ambitious stage show- a fully integrated musical extravaganza complete with stunning video projections, elaborate costumes and dazzling choreography. 


I was tasked with writing the script, creating the signature opening tune and composing a number of original songs to help shape the musical journey. Along with the brilliant Canadian choreographer/ director Brian Hanson, video animator Rob Kelly and musical director/arranger extraordinaire Dean Marshall, we molded their musical set pieces into a cohesive and compelling night of theatre.- the result DRAGONFLY CAFE


The show was a great success and subsequently went on to a multi-city tour across China.

蜻蜓咖啡  Show Opener

It's True
00:00 / 02:49

這是真的  (It's True)

00:00 / 04:09

掛毯 (Tapastry)

All songs by David Rhymer

arrangements Dean Marshall

Behind the Scenes

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